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23 Epic Science Gifs to Blow Your Mind

23 Epic Science Gifs to Blow Your Mind

All these beautiful science gifs, and I can think of is to make bad semen and boner jokes. Some of these best epic science gifs that have proven success in many different science

 3D-printed microscopic cages confine bacteria in tiny zoos for the study of infections

 A magnet falling through a copper pipe

 Black hole consumes a star

 Blowing a bubble into a CD

 Camera Stabilizing Tech Used in Spoon for Parknson’s

 Controlling sand with sound waves

 Droplet Suspended by Sound Waves

Electricity Tree

 Explosive pods launch seeds up to 20ft

 Holding Space Shuttle Tiles at 2200 Degrees

 Mind Blowing Bridge Demolition

 Paintball Mona Lisa

 Pervious concrete absorbs water

 Propeller Clock

 Removing Tattoo with Laser

 Scent of a sharpie marker traps ants by disrupting their pheromone trails

 Slow Motion Bubble Pop

 The Atlas moth does not have a mouth and only lives a couple of weeks

 The Photonic Fence uses lasers to neutralze mosquitos

 Volcano Viewed from the Interenational Space Station

 Voyager approaching Jupiter in 1979. Today Voyager is 11 billion miles from Earth

 X ray of Jaw

Cannonball Floats in Mercury

 Indoor Skydiving
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  1. I figured out how to blow a bubble into a cd on my own. It is very awesome to witness for the first time.

  2. Catch it on fire, dude.
    I believe, quite literally.
    Check youtube.

  3. awesome i really like this thanks for sharing this i really like it.
    funny dogs

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