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Top Ten Healthiest Foods Of All Time

Top Ten Healthiest Foods Of All Time

Taking moderate nutrition is helpful for maintaining a healthy life. The Time magazine introduces ten kinds healthiest food. The green tea which is popular in Asia is also on the list. It is noteworthy that potato, bread and rice and the food which is considered staple are bad for health. It is suggested to reduce the consumption of these kinds of food.

1. The second one is spinach. Spinach contains iron and vitamin B. It’s help for preventing vascular disease and blindness disease. A glass of spinach juice is only 41 calories. There is absolutely no energy. Ladies can eat it at ease.

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2. Nuts are help for preventing heart disease. They do not only offer good cholesterol and also work for reducing the triglyceride in blood. One thing has to be noticed is not to eat too much.

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3. Researches show that broccoli contains carotene and vitamin C. Take broccoli in long term can reduce the probability of breast cancer, rectal cancer and gastric cancer. The best edible method is chewing hardly after simple cooking. Cabbage and sprouts are also good choices.

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4. Research shows that cholesterol and blood pressure will be depressed if one eat oats every day. Oats contain dietary fiber which makes you feel full. As a result, you can reduce intake of other greasy foods to manage your weight.

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5.Taking salmon regularly is helpful for preventing angiemphraxis. Research shows that the ingredient omega-3 of salmon is help for protecting brain and reducing the probability of senile dementia.

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6. Although garlic will make your breath smelly, but garlic is helpful for preventing heart disease. Garlic is also help for lowering cholesterol, clean blood and sterilization.

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7. Blueberry contains antioxidant. It’s help for preventing heart disease and cancer. It’s also good for brain.

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8. Which is popular in Asia. Research shows that drinking green tea regularly can prevent cancer. In China, research shows that drinking green tea regularly is help for reducing the possibility of gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and liver cancer. In Japan, research shows that the possibility of heart disease will be depressed by 10 cup of green tea per day.

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9. The grape skin is rich in antioxidant. It can increase good cholesterol and depress vascular sclerosis. But remember not to drink wine too much. Otherwise it will cause breast cancer and apoplexy.

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10. Report says that tomato contains lycopene. The lycopene can reduce the probability of cancer. Lycopene will be released in cooking. Tomatoes also offer vitamin C when eaten raw.


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